Trailer released.

2011-06-03 10:48:06 by Jawnie

Well, I finally have something to show of the series. I've posted a quick trailer, about 50 or so seconds long. Despite it's short length, it's turned out failry large, about 5 mb, so I guess I'll have to consider turning the quality down for full episodes or they'll turn out way too large.

Anyway, this is my first ever attempt at any kind of animation, so I'm still learning as I go. Hope you guys like the trailer. With any luck, I should have the first full episode sometime this month.


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2011-06-04 02:01:49

look forward to the show


2011-06-04 02:48:00

Congrats on daily 4th!


2011-06-16 12:19:17

looks fucking awesome. hurry up and finish it