First episode released.

2011-07-01 12:14:17 by Jawnie

The first episode of Clogged Tubes has been released. I started working on it a few months ago, but as I worked away on it, I kept finding little things that I wasn't happy with, and kept going back and forth changing things about it. It ended up a bit of an unorganized mess, so I was planning on scrapping it and just moving on to the next episode. But, since it'll probably be a while until the next one's ready, I took what had been finished of this first episode and quickly scribbled up the remainder of the animation and artwork for it, sorted out some sound and posted it as a 'test' episode of sorts.

But I'm confident the next one will work out better. I've been much more organized with it so far, and what I have done of it so far I'm much happier with. Not gonna rush this one, making sure it's as good as can be.


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2011-07-01 15:54:25

That was quite enjoyable for something that was scraped.


2011-07-02 00:16:25

I concur it was funny. Definetly worth a sequel.


2011-07-02 06:00:39

its fuking cool....when ar you ghona make episod 2 ?

Jawnie responds:

Working on it as we speak. It'll be 'episode 1' though, marking the official beginning of the series. This one was just an old test/experiment episode.


2011-07-02 14:29:55

ok, i've been thinking...
she's not the... "right" sociopath. you've hear about a kid who's the creepy one, then you take something away from him, and then he chokes you half to death? what i'm trying to say, this is not how a sociopath does their work.that was just random violence at the end. she doesnt even bother to clean the evidence up.hell, why would she kill him anyway? just for FUN?that's not how it's done, an will never be done. you kill who you need to kill, and fight who you need to fight.

Jawnie responds:

...dunno, lol.


2011-07-04 03:54:07

btw, im not any kind of killer my self. just a... "professional", is what i suppose you could call it.