First proper episode released.

2011-10-26 13:57:59 by Jawnie

The first proper episode of Clogged Tubes has been released.

Took a lot longer than I expected, due to other responsibilities (i.e. video games). More episodes to come with an interesting story to accompany it. It goes a bit deeper than 'hurr durr psycho girl kill people', but it's gonna take some time to develop.


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2011-10-26 14:02:51

Congrats & Good luck! Have a good day hunn :)


2011-10-26 14:02:55

Really awesome stuff :D
In fact, I liked it so much that I'm going to offer you my help, if you want it that is.
I can't animate or draw AT ALL, but I dunno, maybe there's something useful I can do.


2011-10-26 14:40:50

rules 1 and 2 bitch


2011-10-26 21:02:26

Was a good animation, though confused their nose with their mouth often. Really good, I hope to see more in the future.


2011-10-27 01:24:21

sooo, Girl who likes internet, not going outside, and killing people...
coool, can't wait to find out more, maybe she has some friends for us to see/meet?


2011-10-27 05:52:01

With style :D


2011-10-27 07:02:23

Nice work man, really looking forward to the next episode :D


2011-10-27 07:45:17

sweet concepts,i'll be sure to remember your name in flashes or else i'll be missing out on something awesome


2011-10-27 09:17:06

Feels like a manga response to killing annoying youtube kids.
I liked it, a bit different from the everyday NG stuff.


2011-10-27 10:48:10

I like.
I will like moar if you are making more.
cause it was great!


2011-10-27 13:38:41

I wish you luck on your next flash, I'll be waiting, sorta hoping to watch a few parodies of "top" tubers.


2011-10-27 17:32:34

I've been lurking Newgrounds since 2004. This was the video that made me sign up and leave a comment. The scorn she felt for the V blogger was as real as mine.

Good job.


2011-10-27 18:18:06

homicidal girl from the internet? im in love

so do you think you can upload to youtube? flash lags so much i cant watch


2011-10-27 19:45:47

awesome stuff dude


2011-10-27 21:44:13

Really amazing job. Both flashes were truely amazing. keep up the really fine work. Maybe youll be one of the greats one day.


2011-10-27 22:56:19

For when the chick cut the douchebag, the sound effect didn't really fit. It would've fit better if you used something a bit shorter instead of a long gushing noise like it was spurting instead of a quick splash against the wall. You should give her an accomplice for more murderous shenanigans.


2011-10-28 00:30:36

Love it, great dark humour, smooth animation. Well done, if you need a french voice actor I'm your man ;) ( you can make fun of me )

keep it up, hope i see more!


2011-10-28 01:45:48

Love her love her love her~

Do admit, when she went over to the guy's house and went for the knife I was like OH SHIT SHE ACTUALLY GOING FOR IT.

All said, love her twisted personality. Both the official and cut.


2011-10-28 02:44:15

It was GLORIOUS. I demand moar.


2011-10-28 07:41:06

i really love your animations keep up the good work.


2011-10-28 08:11:58

Looking Forward to the next one


2011-10-28 08:36:31

omfg ur such a newfag. lololololol so shameful.


2011-10-28 18:57:53

Anti-social Homicidal Girl from the Internet..... BRILLIANT!!!!
Please make more.


2011-10-29 02:02:08

Who dubs the voice for the girl? Here's your profile, and to my suprise it says "22, Male." Or, do you make a very convincing vocal impression of the opposite sex? My hat is off to you, sir. Or back onto my head, if you're a eunich. In which case, please accept my sincerest apologetic and empathetic pity.


2011-10-29 09:46:52

i wanna see more of this


2011-10-29 22:09:08

Too bad it was shit


2011-10-30 08:16:41

Well, looks like I'll be adding you to the favorites....and your animations.