Voice Actors/Actresses Needed.

2011-10-30 18:17:17 by Jawnie

One of the main criticisms people have had with Episode 1 (and rightfully so) is that the voicing sucks major dick.

I didn't worry so much about voicing this time round, since the main character basically only has one line, and the other character won't be making any future appearances. I also deliberately made sure a major portion of the episode was text-chat based to help sidestep the issue. I figured if I could just get the first episode out, people could see what the series would be like, which would, hopefully, generate interest from more talented voice actors.

There are plenty more episodes of Clogged Tubes to come, along with a whole range of new characters that require talented voice actors/actresses to bring them to life. If anyone is interested in providing voicing for the series, just send me a pm or something to register your interest. (Anyone who has already pm'd me about voicing will already be considered.)

One important thing I just want to mention. The series is set in England, and, therefore, most roles are going to be for English characters, requiring proper, authentic sounding English/British voices. Whether you are English and can do the accent naturally, or you're not English but can put it on is fine, as long as it sounds authentic.

But there will also be some non-English roles throughout the series, so even if you can't do the accent, you can still register your interest and a suitable role may still come up.

In the upcoming second episode two new, very important characters will be introduced, who will be making returning appearances throughout the remainder of the series. I will give full details about the roles in due time.

Oh, also, I'll be using the api advertisement thingy with future episodes, so I will be able to pay you for your voicing.


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2011-10-30 18:24:41

Looking forward to new episodes. First one was alright. Best of luck with finding voices. Not offering mine for now as I need a better mic, lol. :C


2011-10-30 21:47:05

I disagree. The fact that the voicing o the guy was bad added to the feeling of how annyoing Vloggers are. Also, I liked the Edith's voice (even though she only has one line) and I think it fit the character.

(Updated ) Jawnie responds:

Indeed, the vlogger was meant to be annoying in that sense, so bad voicing was somewhat suitable in that case. However, this will not be the case with all characters, the "it's bad because it's meant to be bad" excuse won't last.

At any rate, I am certainly no actor, and I sure as hell am not going to be able to voice all the characters to come. Much more capable va's will be needed.


2011-10-30 22:28:01

i agree with alien lol ediths voice really suited and vloggers really do sound that annoying.. i'd try working on your pixel qualities though cause it kinda looks a bit grainy and such lol i think this couldbe a pretty great series, you could make a name on ng with consistent episodes of this quality :D


2011-10-31 06:37:07

I would be glad to voice act somethings. I don't voice act all the time but I figure I like the first episode and would love to be in some of them contributing XP


2011-10-31 11:02:13

UMMMMM.....sorry to be a bother but, if your looking for voice work, I'm new to recording but I can do different voice pitches accents sounds and some impersonations. give me a holler.


2011-10-31 13:18:26

Hm, I wish I could try out for the voice thing but I really don't know how too. Besides, my voice sounds like shit anyways. For that first sound effect from the stabbing scene, should've tried something quicker than the gushing since the blood just splashed against the wall instead of fountaining from his body.


2011-10-31 13:38:36

Am interested in doing a voice role in your episode hit me up a message


2011-10-31 15:52:41

i was born in england so if you need me. PM me (btw my family is from trinidad but ive been around so many british peepz that i got the accent PERFECTLY)


2011-10-31 16:08:23

I've been itching to try my hand at voice acting

I got a high quality studio mic as a gift and im really good at mimicking accents
(sadly I am not 'english')

I hope to soon post a voice-demo when I have the chance :)


2011-10-31 16:21:22

Just a regular brit grammar school kid, be very happy to voice act (for free ofc) a part that sounds regular English. Big fan!


2011-10-31 16:29:03

Also own S54 studio vox mic and high quality recording software from my music work. Geeky enough to probably fit most roles in the CT series! :P


2011-10-31 17:23:12

I could help voice-act if needed. Contact me if you're still interested.


2011-10-31 18:31:12

My reliability might not be 100%, but if worse comes to worse, I wouldn't mind doing a bit of voice acting; I'll say it straight though, I'm not a pro or anything, but I've got a decent quality mic and intermediate knowledge of audio conversion/modification. Drop me a PM if you're interested.


2011-10-31 18:54:41

Great video. Although I did think that the voice acting was subpar to say the least, I don't think it actually detracted from the actual experience. Good job and can't wait for episode two.


2011-11-01 02:23:08

Man, I actually did like the pilot and first episode. I would really like to know a lot more about Edith. Hopefully it will be in the next episode.


2011-11-02 00:23:32

I thought the voice acting was pretty good. The character herself is different than was I expected, but still pretty interesting. Looking forward to seeing what direction you will be taking the show.


2011-11-02 08:44:31

Do you need a Czech speaking character? :D


2011-11-02 14:22:27

Hey, I'm from wales but I lived in middlesbrough for about 5 years and picked up a slight accent. Would that be alright?


2011-11-02 18:32:31

Hey, if you ever need a deep voice hmu. Saw the first episode i liked it allot, laughed my ass off when the guys from /q/ said that it was shoped.


2011-11-03 12:32:09

who ever does ur arts awesome mind if i help? im pretty goodish but the more practice the better i become right :D


2011-11-03 19:12:19

I'm interested in being a voice actor, but I'm scandinavian.
I can do an English accent, but not as convincing as a native Englishman of course.


2011-11-03 19:39:17

I'll give it a shot. you can rely on me to have the lines to you when you need it. I can do a pretty good English accent. if you'd like to use my voice that'd be appreciated, PM me if you decide to.


2011-11-03 20:35:09

Damn, I'd really like to help, but live across the ocean, about half your age, and I don't even have a mic. But I have a fairly deep voice, and can make a variety of sounds. (I don't even know why I should bother commenting about this.)


2011-11-03 20:36:13

Love to do it.


2011-11-03 21:19:22

I thought the voices were fine/suitable. Our mic and recording abilities are not great, but our little crew, the Dragons & Spirits, are at your disposal for all kinds of London/English and other voices.
If you are in/near London we could meet up. We have male & female, young and older and we like doing that sort of thing. If you check out my subs we are in them.

I also do proof reading for people if you want and the DS can beta anything you want.

Your work is quality and well worth supporting.

Welcome to Newgrounds from the Dragons & Spirits (check us out on Wikigrounds)


2011-11-03 22:18:51

hmmm what kind of mic would i need ??


2011-11-03 22:26:41

i played in theater for a while and i do have experience with different personality impressions just tell me what your looking for and ill be more than glad to help


2011-11-04 00:14:02

hey I'm African American and I'll be your be your voice actor for the day.


2011-11-04 03:23:59

I love your Clogged tubes (does that sound gross?) hope to see more soon, quite literally one of the very few original things i've seen on the internet lately.


2011-11-04 03:27:21

also I'll toss my lot in with the many offering assistance with voicing should the need arise.


2011-11-04 04:38:49

if anyone intrested in voice acting then http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/451355

I..I... Don't know if this is the right place to leave this comment but.............. what am I going to lose ? :P


2011-11-04 22:31:14

That was some legit shit you got there. /b/ in a nutshell. Used to go there. Even was in feral threads with moot in it. hahaha oh the old days lol. I guess im an oldfag :3
Still can't leave /a/ and /v/ alone though.. Bad habits I think. Inb4 omfg rulez 1 and 2 derp.

OC : Those rules where made for newfags, but how often you visits the less you give a fuck. It's just too scare little B& etc. I feel stupid that I still know such informantion though hahahaha xD goddammit.


2011-11-05 06:34:02

great stuff i see your looking for voice actors i would like to help but idk a think about voicing animated characters :(


2011-11-05 20:58:48

Im certainly interested, but have no microphone.

I really enjoyed the series, and love your anime style, enough so that i`ve saved your 1st episode on my favorites listing. Good Job


2011-11-06 06:13:05


Ok, ok, I'll help if you need male characters.


2011-11-06 12:36:15

the female voice was fine but you defonitely need a better mike for recording.


2011-11-06 21:45:21

I thought the over all skit was great. Also, i'm pretty good at an english accent if you ever need a girl character. I can also do many different random voices. So if you would like me too, please don't hesitate to send me a message. ^-^


2011-11-07 00:40:16

I thought the lady who voiced Edith in "Episode 0" was very good. Are you unable to use her anymore? Or are you just looking for voices for other characters?


2011-11-07 02:24:13

so far its a great series and i didnt really see any voice problems cant wait to see more


2011-11-07 12:32:21

I liked this flash a lot. Happy to do some voice acting if you still need some talent. I do most of the voices on this album if you want to scout me out:


2011-11-07 16:04:47

I'm an amateur voice actor. I do a variety of voices.


2011-11-07 20:27:46

Il just leave a little old comment and question here.
I thought that the voice acting was great.Im not trying to suck up. the guys voice was annoying wich i guesse was the point.The girl (Edith) had all to be a....Edith.I mean her voice shounded epic.Weird enough it sounded like a french girl that speaks english trying to have a japanese accent (not saying it was bad) It sounded...Epic.anyways.What i really liked was the comments the guys left,The faces you gave Edith And that Edith kicked the guy 2 times in the face.
Keep making videos Cause i and many others will keep watching them.
Even though you wont read this


2011-11-08 17:52:12

If you have any small parts I'll be glade to help out. I really like what you have going here. Really haevrn't done any voice acting online but i have done some plays in school and know how to some what of a british accent.


2011-11-08 19:40:42

While I'm neither a girl nor am I British in the slightest sense, I am very interested with how this series will progress. Are you planning on introducing characters from other cultures? If so, I know a couple girls that are indeed internet-glued and are interested in voice-acting. Send me a PM if you're interested.


2011-11-10 02:28:50

Voice acting is really not a big deal, I'm more interested in the story you tell.


2011-11-10 21:21:38

I am glad you are looking for good voice actors,but like the Alien and He said..Ediths voice actress should stay :3


2011-11-17 20:40:11

Sooo doin' it ;)


2011-12-05 06:58:52

hi there; I might not speak english well, but if you need some spanish, I will be happy to help you


2011-12-05 09:22:25

Well after having been pointed to this, I've sent a PM. Good luck going through all the submissions.


2011-12-12 15:34:52

As stated various times above, a PM has been sent with all information and resume site, demo and the like. Totally cannot wait for the next installment of Clogged Tubes. Would be completely amazing to get in on it in some way.