Clogged Tubes Ep 2 progress...

2012-02-16 10:58:47 by Jawnie

Apologies for the long wait until the next episode. I had hoped to have it done by about mid january, but between the christmas madness, a house move and other stuff, that turned out to be a bit optimistic. I had to put it all on hold for a while.

But I'm hurrying through it now, trying to make up for lost time. I don't want to set any dates I can't make, but it is definitely on its way.

Once this episode's out, I'm going to start setting aside a lot more time to work on the series to get through it faster and to allow for more time to polish episodes. There's still a lot to get through in the series, and some particular episodes I really wanna hurry up and get to...

So, yeah, look out for episode 2 coming... soon? I think?


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2012-02-16 11:12:54

Will episode 2 be in video format vs native SWF? If so give me a heads up before release!

Jawnie responds:

All episodes from now on will be video format. A big improvement in quality should be noticeable.


2012-02-16 11:40:32

Awesome! Loved the first episode and I was just recently wondering what was going on with episode 2, now I know. Good luck, can't wait to watch it!


2012-02-16 13:23:31

Excellent... I'm looking forward to it!


2012-02-16 14:22:14

By the looks of episode 1, you and I share views on the Youtube community. So I'm really looking forward to the next one! :D


2012-02-16 14:31:40

oh hell yeah!
cant wait!


2012-02-16 15:42:21

Thank you for the update! I wish you joy and happiness in your new surroundings and in your work.


2012-02-16 17:21:23

looking forward to it man!
I'm really interested to see if you go down more of the comedy or drama/dar route

tell me if you ever need someone to give it a test watch ;D

Jawnie responds:

Trying to get a sneak peek? Cheeky, cheeky ;)


2012-02-16 21:10:57

Can't wait for the next episode! Also, should I be concerned that Edith is the Newgrounds character I feel I relate most to?


2012-02-16 23:34:23

Very nice, looking forward to it. Uncomfortable and surreal madness, ah yes!


2012-02-17 01:29:36

I am so excited to watch it ! :D

Is it ok to ask your advice on a project I am working on it?

I going pm that advice in a few minutes!


2012-02-17 05:36:26

Please, Kill all the annoying Video bloggers. Save Boxy for the last and most sadistic kill. Please.


2012-02-17 12:26:14

cant wait, the first episode got my atention =)


2012-02-20 05:23:49

Can't wait man. Definitely don't rush it though, this series has so much potential; you shouldn't waste that because you want to get shit out earlier.
Also, from reading these comments, people seem to have a different vision as the one I have. I really hope this doesn't turn out into a generic slasher kind of thing. I mean, it's your project, do what you want. But yeah.

Alright man, look forward to the next episode :)


2012-02-22 17:39:32

i so agree with the last guy its a long wait but no matter what it will be worth it


2012-02-22 23:19:27

I have waited so long for this moment.


2012-02-28 00:12:37

hey jawnie i'm gonna make a fan art that you will like. I'll probably increase your motivation. so just letting you know that's coming soon :)

Jawnie responds:

Cool, man. Looking forward to it.


2012-03-01 14:00:39

Can't wait!!


2012-03-02 13:32:28

I waited 6 months or more for episode 2 to come up, I've only been here to newgrounds twice saw your flash and had ti check it often. I was about to give up but then saw this . I even have to register twice just to write this comment and liked your arts. I'm a big fan of yours. Please keep it coming and more powers to you. You are already a big star when i looked up on your stuffs I know people would love this as much as I do so good luck.


2012-03-09 22:32:10

Looking forward to the next episode. Quality is always worth the wait.


2012-04-14 01:39:04

Woot sounds awesome man !!!


2012-05-07 22:08:41

So how are things going so far? Still working on it?

Jawnie responds:

I'm still working on it. I will post an update on how things are going soon.


2012-07-02 11:06:08

WWOOOOOO!!! can't wait for the next mind blowing, mental, and f*ckn awsome EPISODE!!!