New episodes on the way.

2012-05-21 09:55:35 by Jawnie

Well, first off, I've finally got around to setting the youtube channel up with episode 1 uploaded.

I must apologize again for the long wait for the next episode. It's been a bit difficult to stay on top of, but I have been making very good progress on the series recently. I've worked out a pretty good system now and I think you'll notice some very nice improvements over episode 1 in upcoming episodes. I also took some time to re-think a few things about the series (the overall story and theme remains the same, but I've just made some small tweaks here and there), and I've also been trying to make some arrangements which will be of great help to the series' progression in the long run, which could help production go much more smoothly.

There are one or two more things I will probably post updates about before the next release. For now, I leave you with a few screenshots from an upcoming episode:

New episodes on the way.


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2012-05-21 10:00:20

Can't wait!

Jawnie responds:

Hang in there, I shall try not to disappoint.


2012-05-21 10:29:19

Oops sorry for taking so long to comment on this, my face exploded because of how awesome this post is! Can't wait to see the upcoming episodes! You ever need a voice actor to help you out you just hollar and I'll be right on that man!


Jawnie responds:

Thanks for the offer and your support!


2012-05-21 11:22:56

What software(s) do you use?

(Updated ) Jawnie responds:

Most recently, everything's drawn in Autodesk Sketchbook, with each individual scene constructed in a separate flash file, exported to video and then all put together in Sony Vegas.

Episode 1 and the earlier stuff of what I've been working on since was all just thrown into a single flash file and then exported, which got too large and cause all sorts of performance issues.


2012-05-21 11:26:41

So looking forward to it!

Jawnie responds:

Good to hear, thanks for the support.


2012-05-21 11:40:06

Wow, this is fucking hard to watch in that it's not funny and is boring, but at least you put a lot of effort in and finished a nearly 5-minute cartoon, so congrats anyway!
Some parts were well animated!

Jawnie responds:

Guess I better use more dick jokes, video game parodies and loud, silly voices in the next one.

But seriously, I'm just trying to do something a little different. Fair enough if not everyone likes it. T'is to be expected. Nice to hear the animation's appreciated, though.


2012-05-21 13:19:55

wow! i really cant wait to see them!
EP1 was really amazing afterall

Jawnie responds:

Thanks for the support, and glad to hear you're looking forward to more. I've made some big improvements, so I hope you'll be quite pleased.


2012-05-21 14:01:38

I can't wait to see what's coming up. This just made my summer day =w=


2012-05-21 14:06:04

really gay and bad and fuck you


2012-05-21 15:02:33

That was... genuinely interesting. Seriously. I'll be looking forward to the next episode.



2012-05-21 15:11:54

I like how this can relate to some of the actual videos on youtube. Looking forward to future episodes.


2012-05-21 15:35:36

Yaaaay!! :D


2012-05-21 16:26:56

jeuzs...finely so meny yhears ayv benn whaithing to see episod 2 now its finely time....aym ghona dye of eximent chent whait huryy :D /// your gibest fan

Jawnie responds:

Sorry to keep you waiting. It takes a long time to make.


2012-05-21 16:56:52

I have to say, the first episode was good, but was the murder really necessary? Was that part of the story, or was it just there, and it won't ever affect the story?

Jawnie responds:

Oh, now, that would be telling...


2012-05-21 19:55:35

Looking forward to it, more awkward/uncomfortable atmosphere!

Jawnie responds:

I'm always glad to hear people appreciate the atmosphere. It's exactly what I aim for.


2012-05-21 20:10:20

You, sir, have just made my fuckin' day with this entry. Cannot wait for Ep. 2.


2012-05-21 20:17:12

there gonna be some internet culture references like memes, stupid people comments on facebook, hypocrisy, bronys, others?

Jawnie responds:

References to internet memes, culture etc will be very minimal. While there were some in episode 1, I tried to keep them in context rather than just randomly spouting them. But, looking back, even that was a bit much for my liking. They will be very rare, if present at all, from now on.


2012-05-21 20:47:58

Awesome, cant wait. Looks like the art is even better


2012-05-21 22:41:01

Oh hey, can't wait.


2012-05-22 01:19:49

i been waiting forever for this!


2012-05-22 03:11:28

Oh yes!This is wonderful news!
By the way, did you find enough voice actors/actresses?

Jawnie responds:

I think I have all the voices I need for now sorted.


2012-05-22 11:17:26

this looks interesting


2012-05-22 11:20:18

I loved the first one (and the other one-shot shorts) of this series, and have been eagerly waiting for the second one. Love the uncomfortable atmosphere it has, and the lack of emotion from the main character. From the screenshots I can notice that there was actually a ce improvement in the art, which is awesome. Best of luck for finishing the episode, I'll patiently wait for it. =)

Jawnie responds:

Glad you like the atmosphere I try to set, it's always nice to hear.


2012-05-22 12:02:19



2012-05-22 17:17:38

gasp, is that black haired guy a friend?

Jawnie responds:

He's the friend.


2012-05-22 17:49:10

Wherever she goes, death somehow follows. :D
Cant wait :)


2012-05-22 22:39:55

I have been waiting for so long! Hope it comes out soon. If you ever need any help, just ask!

Jawnie responds:

Thanks for the offer. I think there's a lot I'll need help with in the future.


2012-05-23 17:26:53



2012-05-26 16:40:00

Ok, i have been writing and erasing stuff for 10 minutes already, for something you probably won't read, so i will make it short. Edith is quite an interesting character (I also find amusing how some people identify with her) and i absolutely LOVE (Notice caps) the "internet" as another character/ers more.

Oh, yeah i got one question to you. What do you value most: Quantity or Quality? I'm telling you because animating requres hard work and time (Not that i know that first hand) and no matter how awesome could the animation be, it would be really dissapointing to have one or two episodes per year. And i mean it. Really. This idea is too good to be presented like that. On the other hand, i think that if i got my own series i wouldn't allow myself to present my story in a way i find, not perfect, but best possible.

I'm sorry if it looks like i'm pressing you or something. I probably am, though.

(Now that i read all this again, i really need to learn how to organice ideas. I'm too lazy to rewrite all again, so... Hope my point gets through.)
Good luck with you and your project, asdasd.

Jawnie responds:

Of course, I would like to get through the series as fast as I possibly can. There are some future episodes that I am very excited about, and really want to hurry up and get to. I have considered many times taking a number of shortcuts to hurry through everything, and there have been some instances where I have tried these shortcuts, both in episode 1 and what I've been working on since, but every time I try doing so, I always end up regretting it.

But you have my word, after the next episode release, it will NOT take as long for the next episode, or any other episode after that, to be made. Episode 1, and 2 for that matter, were both very experimental. I've learned a lot while making them, and have it all down to a much better, more efficient and more effective system now. Also, about half way through making episode 2, I stopped for a while to review the series' progression as a whole. To be honest, I only had a rough idea of it's progression upon finishing episode 1. I took some time to thoroughly plan it all out in much greater detail to future proof later episodes. Now that that's all done with, there will be no need to take time out to do it again.

Additionally, as I mentioned in the blog post, I have been trying to make some other preparations which might help speed things along, which ought to be implemented along with the next episode's release, possibly even shortly before. I don't know how effective it'll be to begin with, but, eh, I'll give it a shot.


2012-05-28 11:59:51

dude if you need any audio engineers im a pretty damn good one,this series is awsome and its needs its own title track something radioheadish, to a little deicide action if you know what i mean

Jawnie responds:

Thanks for the offer. I may, indeed, need some help with audio at some point.


2012-05-28 12:17:45

want very much!


2012-05-28 15:53:27

Still willing to do voice acting for a male role, assuming you'll need soon, if not eventually. I'm absolutely crazy about this series and the always-amusing Edith. I missed the deadline for the last audition, but if you ever need some new voices, be sure to let me know! :)


2012-06-03 00:22:14

i cant wait for the new episode
it looks awesome already :D


2012-06-22 02:13:47

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! >.<


2012-06-24 17:03:32

My body is ready.


2012-07-02 11:08:28