Entry #8

New website up.

2012-06-29 13:19:57 by Jawnie

Hey folks. Just a quick note to let you know about my new website: http://tinydeskanimation.co.uk/. As the series continues, expect it to be packed with all sorts of extras. I've also managed to get a hold of some t-shirts. If you would like to buy one it would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Consider it a 'real-time' kickstarter of sorts.

Big update on Clogged Tubes' status to come quite soon.


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2012-06-29 16:27:54

awesome, cant wait to see the next episodes :)


2012-06-29 22:25:17

Best of luck with the new episode.... I presume you did the last one all by your lonesome? Have you everconsidered getting some other people on board to help move things along?

Jawnie responds:

There is, indeed, a good chance I will look into doing that.


2012-06-29 23:12:17

Yes, please, more episodes!


2012-06-30 08:26:49

cool! I'm really excited to see the next episodes! :))


2012-07-07 22:31:19

dude all i can say is best of luck man with clogged tube. by the way is there going to be any other antagonists in the series or is there jusst that one chick.....and one one =more thing wat is the main girls name cause im just calling here that one crazy fucked up chick


2012-07-08 16:58:16

by the way man im still open if you need an audio engineer


2012-08-07 01:35:39

I require moar episodes for nutriment.


2012-10-05 23:13:23

Awesome work so far, can't wait to see the next in the series!


2012-12-14 10:31:44

Website down... That doesn't sounds good...


2012-12-18 14:53:14

bummer i was looking forward to this series too


2013-01-10 09:21:38

aw dude. i was really looking forward to this series. Don't tell me its dead


2013-02-09 12:24:46

update maybe???


2013-03-04 00:06:03

Dang, a possible dead series? What a bad way to end what was a good day. Bummer, really enjoyed what I saw. Keeping mah fingers crossed.


2013-05-19 06:32:38

Let us know if you're still going to continue this series or not. You haven't updated in a while. Hope you're not dead. :/


2013-07-04 15:52:22

R.I.P Jawnie- Its been over a year since an update, and dead status is like 2-3 weeks. Sooooooooo, yep. I think Jawnie literally died or got kidnapped (although it is possible Jawnie has been working on the series this whole time or something else and just not updating :P). Sorry for the loss, internet and family members. This series was going to be pretty sweet.


2013-07-05 19:02:38

I like your stuff, are you coming back??


2013-08-14 00:50:12

Soon, huh?


2013-09-29 03:17:33

Dammit! not another awesome series dieing after one episode! Not again!


2014-01-07 21:39:30

This was an amazing concept. I wanted to see more. Now since the site is dead... :C I need moar.


2014-01-11 21:55:26

inactive user is inactive busy bein a chav innit fuckin SMASH U UP BROV


2014-06-04 19:59:36

It doesn't matter how much time passes, it's never late to do what you want. I don't care how long I must wait, I'll wait until I die.


2014-06-05 20:49:57

Maybe he was the youtuber who got killed by some young chick.


2014-11-16 04:58:25

I miss this series! :(


2015-05-25 04:32:50

Look, I've been drinking, but I liked this animation in all honesty. So I hope you know that everything is still going super duper even now in my present time. And ya... stuff. Dude, if this is something you enjoy then do it till you die, bye :]


2015-09-27 23:59:46

Still hanging around. :P


2016-05-25 18:42:41

wow, what happened? I think if this series seriously started it would of been big. I dunno why nothing ever happened.